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Finding the best rewards program has never been made so easy. Below we have compiled our favorite programs for comparison. The key to a reward offer is to find the program that best best suits your lifestyle. Browse our favorite offers and apply online using the secure applications for a fast approval. You worked hard for your money, use rewards to get more value from your spending.


best rewards credit card comparison
Simmons First Visa® Platinum Rewards

Travel rewards - cardholders who enroll in the program receive one point per net dollar spent Excellent credit required - applicants that do not have excellent credit will not be approved Low 9.25% variable standard purchase APR and platinum benefits Choose any U.S. based airline or ticket class. No blackout dates or seating restrictions Other travel related options are hotels, cruises, vacation packages, car rental, and restaurants Complia

Finding Credit Card with Rewards That Are Right for You

Are Reward Programs for Everyone?

Rewardswhen used correctly can be an excellent value. We recommend these programs for you if you do not carry a high balance from month to month. Reward credit cards can be used to pay your monthly expenses and then you can pay off the balance immediately to reap the rewards without the fees. The best offers provide you added value without increasing your costs.

How To Find the Best Rewards

Reward charge cards generally earn rewards in a specialized area of interest. Some programs allow cardholders to earn points for purchases made at gas station, markets, or local drugstores. Other programs for air travel are also a very popular, which millions enjoy. Keep in mind, the best reward program for you might provide airline awards, or maybe cashback awards. Some awards offer points towards air travel, earned for every dollar spent, other programs require the purchases be made through selected retailers to earn points that can be redeemed for awards.

The best rewards cards are not to hard to find. Go with your gut, on which will provide the award that most pleases you. The best rewards credit cards are useless if you will not enjoy the awards. Reward offers are abundant and the programs vary widely. In compiling our selections for the best we take into consideration interest rates, fees, and credit line caps, as well as flexibility of award redemption. Even so, the best credit line rewards are the cards that bet fit your interests and lifestyle, shop accordingly.

When looking for the best, you should assess your lifestyle and choose apply to the offers that fit in well with your current habits and provides the most value for current spending. When browsing through our list of programs, remember you might not need the award benefit. Reward credit cards that provide airline miles would prove little value for people who don't travel, even though we selected it as one of the top programs it would not be a good choice for you.

Reward credit cards can be a great value, but remember that you might be paying for the awards through finance charges and annual fees or a higher apr for your credit line. Assess the value you will recieve in either cash back offers and rewards based on your charging habits. The best cards keep fees low, while providing high value, so keep an eye focused on the annual fee for the reward credit cards you consider. If the annual fee is more than the purchase cost of the reward, it might be worth looking for different awards card.

The best awards programs are determined by you. A cardholder that pays their reward credit card in full each month need not concern themselves with the APR, it will rarely apply to their spending habits. However, reward users that intend to carry a balance from month to month should pay special attention to their Apr, a few points will mean big savings in the long term.

When comparing the best rewards credit cards is that several reward credit cards have expiration dates for use of points. Make sure that you will earn enough in rewards points from your rewards credit cards purchases so that the rewards can be cashed in before expiration. Be aware that some reward credit cards have limitations to how many points can be earned each year. Compare and apply to the best rewards credit cards that most reward your spending style. Being rewarded for every dollar you spend on your charge card is our idea of the right choice!

To find the best rewards credit cards browse through our different categories of awards and select the card most in tune with your spending.

We have done the work for you, so that you may browse, compare and apply to the match a card to your lifestyle.

Reward credit cards terms and conditions are subject to change, when using our best rewards credit cards list we recommend you see program details for most up to date terms. We take every effort to maintain up to date information for our reward offers. Program details subject to change, read your program carefully.

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