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The following offers have been selected based on their rates and rewards, and are our choice for the best credit cards with miles programs online. Compare the travel programs below and apply to the travel miles credit cards that will offer you the most value for your traveling. Browse, compare, and apply to the mileage program that fits your lifestyle best.

How To Choose The Best Mileage Credit Card Program

Airline travel miles programs earn miles or points whenever the charge account is used for purchases, and these miles can be redeemed for award travel on associated airlines. Credit cards with miles can be a great deal if used properly. If you travel frequently with a certain airline then choosing which miles offer is simple. If your travel needs require various airlines then more flexible credit cards with miles might be needed. Airline travel miles credit cards are a great rewards card choice for business travellers.

When browsing through credit cards with miles, consider the following before you apply:

Ask yourself which airline do you most enjoy travelling with, and which is the airline that you most frequently fly? This will guide you to the travel miles credit cards best suited for you. Most airlines today, whether American Airlines, Northwest, United, etc, each have credit cards with miles programs that earn points for their airline. Be aware these travel miles credit cards often lock you in to their airline for redemption. Some mileage programs offer greater flexibility and allow you to redeem your miles for various airlines. This might be a good travel miles credit card choice if you haven't a preference between the airlines. Consider the routing of the airline associated with your credit cards with miles choice, can you use that airline to get where you would like to go.

How often do you fly each year? Many of the airline travel miles credit cards earn miles in conjunction with your frequent flier miles earned through air travel. When the travel miles credit cards purchase points combine with your frequent travel miles will this provide you with enough miles for redemption? If you are not a frequent flier program member, sign up so that you are earning as many miles as possible with your program. Travel miles credit cards and the points credit cards with miles earn can be an impressive value but it requires planning.

Fees: As always, keep an eye on any fees associated with the travel miles credit cards you apply for. Does the value you earn, based on your spending habits, outweigh any cost in fees. Travel rewards cards are not attractive cards if the annual fee is higher than your earnings in free or reduced travel. As with any prime credit card, keep an eye on the interest rate you are paying for you travel miles credit card, especially if you often carry a balance from month to month. A travel miles credit card generally has higher interest rates than a featureless traditional card, but that could amount to savings depending on your habits.

Know your credit cards with miles program. It is important to know how many miles are required and what restrictions are associated with your travel miles credit cards. To get the most from your mileage program, consider these additional factors prior to applying for your offer of choice:

Travel program flexibility: Make sure you earn miles for all spending or if it is restricted. Travel programs usually add miles every time you make a purchase, with credit cards with miles be aware of any promotions purchases earning additional miles. Check with the associated airline to see if there are any promotions for your credit cards with miles that need to be signed up for. For example, American Airlines offers a dining promotion with their Aadvantage travel miles program that is free to sign up for and earns additional miles for each dollar spent at local restaurants and it need not be your credit cards with miles that is associated to earn.

Mileage caps: Read this fine print associated with the travel miles credit cards you are applying for. Some mileage offers have caps on the amount of miles that can be earned annually, if this falls under your annual spending this need not concern you, but if this would limit your travel mile earnings I would suggest applying to different credit card mileage programs.

Restrictions on travel: Be aware of any restrictions for redemption of your points. Are peak travel seasons available, how many seats does your airline release for award travel, and so on. Credit cards with miles are as much about understanding the frequent traveller program associated as it is about purchases and interest rates.

Travel miles credit cards annual fees: Take the time to do a cost analysis offered above before choosing and applying to your new travel miles credit cards. If you do not travel frequently it might be better to choose a more traditional credit card with no annual fee and lower interest rates. If you do travel frequently though, credit cards with miles can offer some significant annual savings that far outweigh any annual fees, if used correctly.

Credit cards with mileage terms and conditions: As with any credit card offer you are considering, read carefully terms regarding balance transfers, achieving higher limits, interest rates, debt consolidation and the usage of your travel miles credit card so that you can squeeze the most value from the miles credit card offer.

Other travel miles credit card services: Some credit cards with miles also offer redemptions towards hotel rooms and rental cars. Some prime travel miles credit cards include travel insurance for purchases made with the card and some provide cash advances in emergencies. Simply apply to credit cards with miles that offer the services you need.

My last suggestion: as you browse the offers available, choose a credit card and airline partnership and stick with it. Credit cards with miles provide the most value over the long term. With a little planning, your mileage rewards will be able to provide you with free or reduced travel redemptions that will put a smile on your face.

Browse the airline travel miles credit cards above, apply to the offer best for you to get approved fast.

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