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The following prepaid credit debit cards and prepaid credit cards can help you control your spending. Prepaid programs allow you to load, or deposit, an amount prior to spending and restrict your spending to funds that you have pre-deposited. Prepaid credit debit cards are a great way to prevent overspending. If you would like to control your spending, and build good credit habits, then prepaid cards are the right choice for you. Compare below and apply to the offer of your choice for a fast approval.

greendot prepaid credit cards
Green Dot® Gold Prepaid Visa® Card

FREE $0 Activation Online - with NO credit check!

FREE Cash withdrawals at over 15,000 participating ATMs FREE Online Bill Pay & Direct Deposit

NO Monthly fee for any month with at least 30 purchases NO Transaction fees on US purchases

prepaid credit card comparison
NetSpend® Visa® Prepaid Card

ZERO - 0% FIXED APR on Purchases - No Intro Rates! ZERO - 0% Rate Won't Change - Even If You're Late! ZERO Hassles - Choose Your Credit Limit From $500 Up To $5,000 ZERO App Fees

Choosing The Right Prepaid Credit Card

Prepaid programs are not for everyone. Usually it is a person with bad credit that prepaid programs appeal to. For some, prepaid credit cards provide a means for online purchases or other circumstances but their credit prevents them from approvals for more traditional credit cards. These cards will often approve people with bad credit and in some cases these are the only cards available to them.

If this situation sounds familiar prepaid credit debit cards are probably just what you need. There are advantages to using prepaid programs. Prepaid cards require a deposit in advance that is used as collateral against your credit line. In most cases if you deposit $500 you will then have $500 that can be drawn, other prepaid credit debit cards allow for a different ratio of credit to deposit.

It is common for prepaid credit cards to have annual fees and service charges associated with their program. Some prepaid credit debit cards try to take advantage of a potential customers bad credit situation and we feel their fees are excessive and we have tried to exclude those prepaid credit cards from the list. The programs have been selected based on their fee structure, and rewards provided for purchase, as well as credit line caps.

Most pre-paid programs also assume you are rebuilding your credit and report to the three credit bureaus. Generally prepaid offer cards that restrict you from spending more than is deposited so in this way prepaid credit cards prove an excellent method to begin to reestablish your credit.

We recommend a pre-paid offer to be used as a bridge, to rebuild your credit until you can be approved for more traditional credit cards. Use the prepaid debit offers for the spending power they provide, bide your time as you rebuild. When you are ready, replace your prepaid credit debit cards with a more traditional card with greater spending flexibility.

Browse the prepaid credit cards above and use the secure online application to apply for your pre-paid program today!

We endeavor to maintain up to date program information but we still recommend you look carefully at the prepaid credit cards program information on the secure application site for changes. Please see terms and conditions of prepaid credit debit cards application page for current program details.

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